Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vampire Crush


I swear, my life was always totally normal.

Normal house, normal family, normal school. My looks are average, I don't have any superpowers, no one's showing up to tell me I'm a princess—you get the picture. But when my junior year started, something not normal happened. There were new kids at school . . . new kids with a wardrobe straight out of a 19th-century romance novel, and an inexplicable desire to stay at school until sundown.

And on top of that, James Hallowell showed up. James, who stole my sandwiches in fourth grade and teased me mercilessly through middle school. James, who now seems to have the power to make my heart race any time he comes near.

But something weird is going on. Because James rarely goes out during the day. And he seems stronger than your typical guy. And he knows the new kids, all of whom seem to be harboring some kind of deep secret. . . .

My thoughts:

This book had the potential to go really bad. A group of mysterious vampires at school, Twilight anyone? Not that I don’t like Twilight, I just didn’t want to read another version of it. I am glad to say that it is not Twilight all over again. The reason Vampire Crush stood out from other vampire stories is because it didn’t avoid vampire clich├ęs or the typical plotline of a YA vampire novel; it seemed to include them while making fun of them at the same time. I enjoyed the fun lines that were created from the fact that the group of vampires seemed to be stuck in the 19th century, along with the way they talked and dressed. But that isn’t the only thing that’s funny. The main character, Sophie is sarcastically funny throughout the whole book, both out loud and in her head (her thoughts are hilarious). There was a point in the book (where she’s in the woods with a friend) that had me bent over with tears in my eyes laughing. (Note to reader: my sense of humor is very unique, meaning that you might read the whole novel and still have no clue what line or scene I found to be so funny that I was bent over with tears in my eyes. note to self: It was 3 in the morning, so you might have found it funnier than it was.) My other favorite part was the romance in the book. I loved the interaction between Sophie and James. Long lost friends that meet up again and find out that they like each other romances are my favorite! This was such a fun and enjoyable read, and it came at the right time! I don’t know if this book is a stand alone or part of a series, because it could go either way but I look forward to reading more books by A. M. Robinson.

Vampire Crush was just released yesterday, so I've decided to give away and advanced copy. Look for the contest rules later today.

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