Review Policy

What I accept:
I will happily accept review copies of books from authors and publishers. I'm also happy to be involved in hosting contest, being a part of blog tours, and interviewing authors. I always read review books as soon and as fast as possible. I read every book I receive, but if I don't like the book, it'll take me longer than usual to finish reading it. I normally finish reading and reviewing a book in between 1-2 weeks, unless unforeseen problems come up.

In general I like Young Adult and Paranormal Romance books. I'm open to other genres, but if the book doesn't seem appealing to me I won't accept it.

I will only give my honest view on a book. Whether I like a book or not I'll always try to write a positive review. If I like the book, I'll post my review in multiple places so that more people can hear about it. If you're fine with me and my opinionated reviews. please contact me at
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