Monday, August 17, 2009

Tantalize Review

From Publishers Weekly Following her parents' death, Quincie Morris was left in her Uncle Davidson's care, and the fate of the family's Italian restaurant was left in hers. Now 17, Quincie, who narrates, and her uncle have renamed the place Sanguini's. They've remodeled it with a "vampire theme," which they believe will sell in their Texas college town since "vampires are a fringe population, and Austin is a tolerant place." A month before the grand re-opening, however, the longtime chef is mauled to death in the kitchen, and the murder suspect is a werewolf. Quincie finds this problematic, since her lifelong best friend and love interest, Kieren, is a "hybrid werewolf" who traces his lupine heritage to the wolves that roamed Ireland with St. Patrick. A new chef shows up who may be talented but is also spooky, with red contact lenses, pale hair and a menu featuring sweetbreads, blood sausage and baby squirrels in honey cream sauce. Best known for her Native American stories, Smith uses advertisements, newspaper clippings and menu pages to liven the pace, and creates palpable tension in the novel's second half. Quincie's story hews closer to the campy Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes (e.g., " 'You ate the police?!' I exclaimed") than to the elegant romanticism of Stephenie Meyer's books, but horror fans will be hooked by Kieren's quiet, hirsute hunkiness, and Texans by the premise that nearly everybody in their capitol is a shapeshifter. Ages 14-up. (Mar.)
My Thoughts: Ok... While I was buying a book on Amazon, this book was suggested to me based on my current and previous purchases. I was very excited about this book, but when I got it I found that I was a little bored. I thought that it was because I had so many things going on at that time. Turns out that I like the idea of the book but not the actual book. I was really confused at certain points near the middle and the end. The book went from a little boring to not making sense at all (at least that's how I percieve it). I don't want to give away things that happened from the book, so I can't really explain what didn't make sense. I rate this a D+ (l0l). I didn't give it an F because of course I liked the idea of the book. It did have potential so I wouldn't knock the author - Cynthia Leitich Smith.


  1. I didn't like it either. I don't even really know what was so bad about it but it just... didn't have very much going on or something. I don't know it was just bad.

  2. I got this one as a download from the library and think it was way better on audio. That's just me though...if I had to read it, I might not have completed the book. I'm waiting for her next one on audio as well.


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