Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Secret Hour Review

Strange things seem to happen in the town of Bixby at midnight. At midnight, time appears to stand still for a complete hour with everyone and everything frozen until the hour ends. For most of the people in town, the one hour standstill flashes by them in a second. For the few teens that don't become frozen at midnight (they call themselves the Midnighters) they have the whole hour to themselves, or at least almost by themselves. They have to share this secret hour with the dark creatures of the "blue land". For years the teens and the dark creatures have lived among each other without getting in each other's way (for the most part). At least until Jessica Day moves to town. Suddenly the dark creatures go from ignoring the midnighters to wanting to destroy the new girl in their world. Each midnighter has a power different from the other but there is something totally different about Jessica and whatever power she has. Too bad she doesn't know what her power is yet. This book follows the groups struggle to keep each other alive (especially Jessica) so they can figure out why the dark creatures feel so threatened by her. Can they discover her power before they get themselves killed?
What I Think: I enjoyed the 1st book in the series. At one point (in the beginning) I didn't really like the author's solution for protecting the midnighters against the dark creatures, but as I kept on reading I realized that the things that protect them (other than their powers) seem to have a deeper meaning. I'm glad I read this book, I especially like the curve ball at the end. I've already ordered the 2nd book off Amazon. I'd advise anyone who likes young adult/fantasy books to read this.

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