Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hush, Hush Contest

I'm so excited about this contest. I really want to read this book!... Anywhoo the contest is here -

The Rules:1. Open to EVERYONE.2. Please include your email address with your comment(s).3. Contest ends Saturday, August 22nd at noon CST4. How to get points:
Answer me one (or both) of these questions: What absurd thing would you be willing - not literally, but in your head - to do to earn this copy of Hush, Hush?orWhy do you think this book is called Hush, Hush?
+2 for answering one of the questions above (+4 if you answer both!)
+5 for voting on my poll! (See sidebar)
+2 for commenting on my review HERE
+2 for becoming a follower
+3 if you were already a follower
+2 for following me on Twitter (@bookgoil) Leave your @name.
+2 for each time you advertise this contest - sidebar, twitter (please @bookgoil), blog, etc (Please leave a link!)
+5 for just looking at Chatty Cathie's website and telling me one piece you think/want to buy or just find shiny and want to stare at all day...
+20 if you purchase something from Chatty Cathie's etsy website. You do not have to do this, but take a look at her website and see if there's anything cute you like. You can send me a copy of the receipt at

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