Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: My Bookish Resolutions

I've already done something like this, but these are my revised resolutions for 2011:

Get through my tbr list. 
It just keeps on growing. I get book, either ones I bought or ones for review. I read them first, failing to make any kind of dent in my tbr list.

Interview more authors.
I've only done one interview, period.This year I'd like to have at least as many interviews or guest post as there are months in the year.

Read more
I only read about 50 books last year. I know I can read a lot more books then that (a lot more!!)!

Participate in more weekly memes
They're so fun, why not!

Comment more on other blogs
It's not that I don't read other people's blogs, I just hardly ever comment. I'd like to change that.

Post something at least every other day if not everyday
I did a terrible job of making sure my blog was "fresh" with new content. I definitely need to do better!

Do more contest
I didn't do anywhere near the number of contest I wanted to do in 2010. I plan to do a lot more this year.

Reply more to people's comments on my blog
Pretty self-explanatory

Go to BEA!
I tried SO hard to get there last year. Now I know a little more and can plane ahead!

Read some classics
I did Shakespeare last year (because of a class). I'd like to read a classic  at least every 2 months.


  1. These are wonderful resolutions. It's nice to aim high. I especially like the one about commenting more. I love to have others comment on my blog posts.

    Here's my list of Top Ten Bookish, Bloggish Resolutions.

  2. I've got the participate in more meme's up on my list as well
    Great list you have, come check mine out any time

  3. Here's mine

  4. Nice list. Good luck posting at least every other day... very ambitious. Good luck in 2011!

  5. I would love to go to BEA...although I'm in Australia so it's nothing but a fantasy, lol. Wish we had something like that here. Hope you make it!

  6. 50 books is still a lot to read in a year! Don't feel bad about that. How many people outside of the book blogging community do you know that have read that many books in a year? (Most people I know probably haven't read that many books in their life!).

    Good luck with all of your resolutions and thanks a bunch for joining in this week!

    Jen at The Broke and the Bookish

  7. Posting something almost every day is my personal goal once I decided I am going to BEA - I did it last year, too. I'm showing myself that I am committed and taking such a big trip has been earned :)


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