Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking Foward to...

Description: It's hard finding beauty in the badlands of Washokey, Wyoming, but 14-year-old Grace Carpenter knows it's not her mother's pageant obsessions, or the cowboy dances adored by her small-town classmates. True beauty is wild-girl Mandarin Ramey: 17, shameless and utterly carefree. Grace would give anything to be like Mandarin.

When they're united for a project, they form an unlikely, explosive friendship, packed with nights spent skinny-dipping in the canal, liberating the town's animal-head trophies, and searching for someplace magic. Grace plays along when Mandarin suggests they run away together. Blame it on the crazy-making wildwinds plaguing their badlands town.

Because all too soon, Grace discovers Mandarin's unique beauty hides a girl who's troubled, broken, and even dangerous. And no matter how hard Grace fights to keep the magic, no friendship can withstand betrayal.

My thoughts: Contemporary isn't my favorite genre, but my favorite books always seem to be contemporary (Paper Towns, Please Ignore Vera Dietz). This sounds like a book that could be of or near that caliber.


  1. And it's good, too. I'm reading it right now. I have to send it off once I'm done, so I can't wait to buy my very own copy!

  2. I'm glad it's good! I want this one really bad. lol


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