Monday, September 13, 2010

Roald Dahl Day

Today is Roald Dahl Day, as well as his birthday. I’ve never done anything for this day (because I didn’t know about it before) but I thought I’d share a little bit about the impact he made in my life.

I’ve enjoyed every one of his books I’ve read, but there are two that I really love. Matilda and BFG were my favorite of his books, as well my then current favorite books (elementary). Matilda really reached out to me, because I was the child who would beg her parents to take her to the library, then proceed to go find books, and come back to wherever my Mom or Dad was sitting and plop down 4 or 5 books from the children’s section. Then, I would venture off to the teen section, and then the adult section. I rarely left the library without needing a bag to carry my books in. All this means that I could relate to Matilda, because she was another child my age that loved books.

As for BFG, I felt like the story was told in such a way that I became as invested in the story as much as an elementary aged child could be. I still smile when I walk by one of his books I’ve read, which brings back happy memories. Those are just two examples of the many instances Roald Dahl brought happiness to my life.

This week is also Roald Dahl week, which is hosted by Bri Meets Books and A Girl Reads. This apparently means guest posts, a giveaway, and others things.

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  1. How cool! I loved Matilda as a kid. I also have fond memories of my 2nd grade teacher reading us James and the Giant Peach to my class.
    Alison Can Read


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