Monday, September 13, 2010

Gone review

I bought Gone at the last minute at a bookstore. My Aunt was with me and was willing to buy me a paperback ($10.00 and under), so I got a book and headed for the checkout line. But then I thought, is this what I want? I ended up going back and trading my current book for Gone.
Seeing how Gone is over 500 pgs., I was apprehensive about starting it. 500 pages are great when I like a book, but its torture when I’m not connecting with a story. I ended up connecting so much that when I finished, I was surprised about how fast it went.

This story was more intense than I thought it would be, and that’s the main reason I liked it. It was violent; people died and got hurt multiple times. I don’t enjoy violence itself, but I appreciate an author who doesn’t placate their readers. The fact is, if all the children were left by themselves, a lot of (legitimate) bullies would stay bullies. Plus, people do crazy things when they crack (not to be confused with being on crack), or panic.

Something else this book did was making me ask myself questions. I can normally tell I like a book when it makes me think about my own actions, and what I would do if I were in a certain situation from the story. Would I stand up EVERYTIME I should, even when I’m tired of always doing the right thing, or would I give up? Take a break from always doing the right thing.
Cleary from the number of books in this series, and the ending of Gone, this story has only just begun. There’s still a lot of ground to cover and I’m ready to walk it… or read it, either one.

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