Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Please not Hannah Montana

If she had stuck to Hannah Montana and movies like Last Song, (meaning “wholesome” type films), this post would have never seen the light of day. I would have still been annoyed about the book adapted movies I hear she could possibly be a part of, but I would have kept it to myself (or just shared my views with friends).

It’s true that the main problem with her for me is that at this point, I see her as Hanna Montana… period. So with any movie, it’s [insert movie title] starring Hanna Montana! The most interesting thing is that she’s trying to change her image, but this new image just annoys me. It’s the, I can’t be tamed, I kissed a girl, and I want to be looked at differently type image. I personally don’t think it’s a good one for her to attach herself to, especially since she’s… how old is she?... 16?..17? Also known as not an adult? When I heard she was set to play main characters in both book adapted films Wake by Lisa McMann, and Wings by Aprilynne Pike, I was very nervous about that decision.

In general, I’m always half excited half nervous about book adapted films, which books I’ve read. I’d love it if all the books I like where turned into films, but there are so much that goes into making a movie, and sometimes the initial idea of how the movie should go doesn’t actually get portrayed on screen. Add that anxiety with the fact that “Hannah Montana” with an “I’m an adult now” attitude, and I’m even more anxious.

Even though I’m still thinking, “please not Miley Cyrus, I don’t think she can pull it off”, I hope she can become those characters and not Hannah Montana’s version of Janie (Wake’s main character) and Laurel (main character from Wings).

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  1. Oh Nooooes! there is just no way I think Miley Cyrus could be a good Laurel.And that sux cause I loved that book. As for Janie in Wake, well maybe...that character is rougher in my perspective, but I still think Miley is generally not a good actress.


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