Friday, November 25, 2011

Movie Reviews 01

I’m trying to make my way down AFI’s top 100 movies I haven’t seen. So I’ve decided to put up mini reviews for the movies I’ve seen in the past two weeks. I’m also trying to watch more anime movies so there are two movies that aren’t in the top 100 movies.

West Side Story
This was incredible! Really! And I don't know why I was so surprised. It's not like I haven't enjoyed musicals in the past. It's probably because this musical is a classic, and I was nervous I wouldn't like it the way I haven't liked other classics that much. (ex. Streetcar Named Desire). The dancing was amazing. The songs were great. The instrumentals, the way they sang it, the actual lyrics. I liked this way better than any version of Romeo and Juliet I've ever seen!

Howl's Moving Castle 
I haven't watched too much anime. I can't say I've watched Akira or Bleach, or Cowboy Bebop. 
But based on my experiences with Champloo Samurai (love love love!), Burst Angel, and Afro 
Samurai, I'm always excited to watch it. This has to be my favorite anime film (not that I've seen 
too many). This movie was all about the characters, even though the plot, which dealt with a war, 
was pretty interesting by itself. The characters were so strange (which was a good thing), in a way 
that couldn't be pulled off the right way if it wasn't anime. There are fire demons, fat heart stealing
magicians, a young woman with an old soul (ha ha) that has a heart of gold and a gorgeous magician
with demons in his closet. It was wonderful!

Sunset Blvd. 
This is the only film noir movie I've seen that was JUST a film noir (I think).  I'm not over the 
moon about it like the previous two, but it was very entertaining. That was one messed up lady! 
And at least now I know where "I'm ready for my close up" came from.
The Gold Rush 
As far as comedy goes, there's always that feeling that because a film is very old, I won't find 
certain things funny that people did back then. But Charlie Chaplin is hilarious! I already knew 
he was funny but I didn't think I'd like this so much. "I think that's why they call it a classic" my 
mom said when I told her that. Yes mom. It is.
Taxi Driver 
Um... It was interesting. I don't regret seeing it but I'm kind of confused.  Throughout the whole 
movie, whatever is going to happen seems to be developing from the very beginning, but by the 
time IT happens, all I'm thinking is, that’s what all this led to? *kanye shrug*
This was very intriguing. Especially in the middle of the movie when it’s revealed that certain 
characters are not who they appear to be. At the end I was actually laughing. I knew that what 
happened in the end was going to happen but I didn't know how. The way it happened was so 
random that I couldn't help but laugh (I'm not a bad person...really).

The Graduate
 I'd started watching this like three years ago, so I only watched the last 40 minutes of it. It was 
interesting, but all I can remember thinking is that I couldn’t stand how many times Dustin 
Hoffman’s character uttered the words Mrs. Robinson... I wonder what happened to Benjamin 
and Elaine.

Spirited Away
This was so cute! I’m smiling just thinking about it. That is all.

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