Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eclipse Review

Loved it! I was so excited about this one (and nervous) because Eclipse is my favorite book in the whole series! There are plenty of great things that happen in this part of the story, from the history of the Cullens and the Wolves, as well as the intensity of the love triangle.

Some Highlights
– I was impressed by how Xavier Samuel made Riley look like a mysterious bad boy (and cutey).

Special Effects –I appreciate the realistic effects, especially during the human-wolf interaction (Bella & Jacob, Emmet & Paul).

Fight Training – I was happy to see the Cullens kicking each other’s butts (training wise). My favorite duel in the book and the movie is the fight between Alice and Jasper.

Campfire – The story of “The Third Wife” helped play a role in a decision made later down the road. I couldn’t wait to match the scene in my head with the portrayal on film.

Visiting Mom - This visit made Bella’s decision much harder to make.

Charlie – Aww Charlie! He added some good fatherly awkwardness and humor to the movie.

Graduation Speech – My senior high school experience was a lot different from most. Since there was no valedictorian speech for me to be inspired by last May, I imagined this one to be the speech I should have heard.

Quotes - I always love direct quotes from the book, or even good quotes from the movie that weren’t actually in the book.

Tent Scene – It was definitely one of my favorite parts, so much chemistry! It was the scene that showed the world that Jacob is hotter than Edward (lol).

Imprinting - Love the part were Jake’s eyeing Bella down while explaining what happens when someone imprints.

The Battle - As a cinema major, after thinking about how cool everything looked, all I could think about was wondering how much went into choreographing these intricate scenes and figuring out how to edit everything so beautifully.
Virtuous Teenagers - A story with a hot guy who cares about his women’s virtue? Nuff said. If only it was common and currently realistic (hmm, it could be *slowly looks around the room searching for upstanding guys*).

What I wish they’d included?
Most (most) of these are things I wished could have been in the movie but didn’t have to be.

Tight black shirt Jacob & the kidnapping of Bella (sounds like the weird title of a book):
I’m glad they left the part where Jacob (and his bike) comes to the school! I just wish it had been done in the scene it was originally in from the book, along with Alice “kidnapping “Bella.

Jacob & Bella scenes:
With hearing everybody say that they were satisfied with the love triangle, I found it difficult to express how I felt about it. I did like the complicated romance (very much), I just felt like Jacob and Bella’s part wasn’t as strong as it could have been. It wasn’t really about any scenes that were taken out; it was about small (but important) parts that were taken out of the scenes. There was no part with Bella murmuring “my Jacob”, or parts clearly showing the difference between the old Jacob and the new Jacob. The second kissing scene was really good, but I wish they could have kept the dialogue from the book. I think it would have made the scene way more intense. I also wished Bella would have fought back at first, the way it was in the book. I was also really looking forward to the “flashes of the future” Bella had when she was kissing Jacob (which never came).

I also wish they had kept the scene where Bella visits Jacob after the battle closer to the book’s version, as well as after she leaves him (with the sadness and weeping). I think if they had made their connection even stronger then it was on film, it would have made Bella’s decision seem even more grounded and definite.

Fast paced?
Like I said before, I loved the movie a lot! It just seemed like the movie was going so fast, like there were no simple scenes, no time to breath.
With everything they were able to get in the movie, I had few complaints, only wishes that there was even more to love.


  1. +JMJ+

    Interesting thoughts! I didn't know that the book made Bella's choice more balanced. The movie is so biased towards Edward!

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