Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seven Figure Book

A debut YA trilogy by Josephine Angeline was supposedly sold for a seven figure deal. The first book is called Starcrossed – this was said to be “a Percy Jackson for teenage girls”. Foreign rights are being handled as well as the film right.
Description: In Starcrossed, which brings Greek tragedy to high school, a shy Nantucket teenager named Helen Hamilton attempts to kill the most attractive boy on the island, Lucas Delos, in front of her entire class. The incident proves more than a bit inconvenient for Helen, who's already concerned that she's going insane--whenever she's sees Lucas (or any of his family members) the image of three crying women appear to her.

The murder attempt does have an upside though, as it ultimately leads to Helen's revelation that she and the local heartthrob are, in fact, playing out some version of a weighty ancient love affair. (Said female apparitions are, in fact, the Three Fates.) So Helen, like her namesake, Helen of Troy isn't going crazy, she's destined to start a Trojan War-like battle by being with Lucas. This then begs the unfortunate question: should she be with the boy she loves even if it means endangering the rest of the world?
The second book in the trilogy, Persephone's Garden, follows Helen's journey to the Underworld, and the third book, Ilium, chronicles the final battle between mortals and the gods. Harper Teen is planning to publish Starcrossed in summer 2011.

My Thoughts: I hope it’s really good, because that’s a lot of money to be spending for three books. Especially since this deal is nothing like what authors usually get. That’s got to be a lot of pressure for the DEBUT author, as well as the publishing company. I really do hope it comes out the way they intended it to.

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