Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Hard to Say Goodbye... to these Series

Although I am excited to read any book from these three sets of series, I’m also sad because it’ll be the end of most of my favorite books. Besides 1 or 2 other series that still have a few books left in them, these three are my favorite *tear*.

Hunger Games Trilogy:
I’m going to miss the excellent plotting, and strong characters that seemed to stand for something bigger than themselves.

Wicked Lovely:
Melissa seemed to know just how to make every single character enjoyable in their own right, especially Niall and Seth (excuse me as I shudder). Her writing made it that everything happened for a reason. Everything was intricately tied together.

Vampire Academy:
Aww. I’m going to miss Rose the most. The relationships were the best part of this series.
Mortal Instruments: OK. I don’t know for sure if this next one will be the last one but the first 3 felt like a series by itself, so I’m mourning for the end of the story in the first 3 books. I love Shadowhunters, I love Jace, and I love these books!


  1. I am sad for all of those to end as well... but super excited to read the next ones of course too!

  2. I'm so bummed that VA and THG series are ending...but Last Sacrifice and Mockingjay should be pretty epic! =)


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