Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Suitte Scarlett Review

Synopsis: You might think that since Scarlett lives in a huge hotel, called the Hopewell, in New York City, her family must be loaded. Wrong. Although they may own and run a hotel, they are suffering from financial difficulties and now have no staff. Now that Scarlett has turned fifteen, it is her job to look after the Empire Suite, even though it doesn't get many visitors.
However, a surprise comes in the form of Mrs. Amberson. Mrs. Amberson, a peculiar woman with a highly distinct personality, rents the Empire Suite for the entire summer, and is quick to seek a kind of friendship/work partnership with Scarlett. Scarlett, for her part, is bewildered by many of Mrs. Amberson's actions, but goes along with her crazy schemes nonetheless.
Meanwhile, Scarlett's brother Spencer is currently involved in a production of Hamlet. Scarlett becomes interested in one of his fellow actors, Eric. As the summer progresses, problems arise with all three: the play, Spencer, and Eric. Mrs. Amberson is only too happy to step in and lend a hand to help out... but for better or for worse?

My Thoughts: First off, after reading this I felt bad for putting it off so long. It wasn't that I didn't want to read it, it just took so long to get around to reading it because I got the wrong idea about the book when I read the summary. When I first read the synopsis I was thinking, "Is this it? A broke down hotel with a teenager who looks after a suite that no one stays in?" So when my interpretation of Suite Scarlett went up against John Green books or Catching Fire, it obviously lost.... for many many months. It wasn't until I started watching youtube clips with Maureen Johnson that I found out how sarcastically funny she is, which led me to push Suite Scarlett to the top of my TBR list. Turns out I like the plot of this book after all. It was actually pretty funny (and partly sad) watching Scarlett and her family try to keep a hotel going while not having any staff to help them. I liked all the characters, especially Mrs. Amberson, mostly because at times, she seems to have ADD which I can relate to (mostly during classes or something else important). Maureen Johnson's humor runs all through this book, which made it very enjoyable. Also, I was really glad to see a romantic relationship that didn't go quite the way I expected. Overall there weren't too many quirks I can remember at this time so I'm giving this book an A.

Reasons it wasn't higher:
Umm. I don't really know. Have you ever liked something but you couldn't rate it as one of the VERY best (as in out of 100 it scored a 98 but you can't explain the missing 2 points) just... because? Horrible explanation but my reasoning is unexplainable (obviously)...

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