Monday, October 26, 2009

The Midnight Guardian Review

Product Description

It’s 1938, and the tentacles of Hitler’s terrifying Third Reich have commenced their stranglehold on Europe. The Nazi empire will soon be clean of all bloodlines deemed tainted or undesirable…including vampires.
London’s ancient tribunal of vampires is aghast at the destruction taking place on the Continent. Though vampires try not to interfere with human politics, Hitler’s terrible plans force them into action. They resolve to send five of their most formidable vampires to Berlin— millennials that have lived over 1000 years and whose age and wisdom make them close to invulnerable— to infiltrate, disrupt, and destroy the growing Nazi war machine.
The brilliant and beautiful millennial Brigit is loath to go, but her powers are needed if the mission is to have any chance of success. She must summon all her strength to endure the separation from her lover Eamon, whom she made almost eight centuries ago, but whose lack of millennial status makes him an unacceptable choice for this operation. Though he longs to join her, his duty to Brigit is best served from afar, by nurturing their deep psychic connection and reinforcing her spirit with his fierce devotion and memories of his tender embrace.
But as the millennials attempt to penetrate and sabotage Hitler’s armies, they discover that the Nazis are more capable than any human force they’ve yet encountered and more monstrous than they'd ever imagined. Forced to take bolder, more dangerous steps, they soon attract the attention of specially trained vampire hunters loyal to Hitler and his vision of a vampire-free Europe. Exposed, deep inside enemy territory, with vicious Nazi officers and hunters at her heels, Brigit must attempt a daring escape from the Continent, guarding precious cargo that marks the only hope of salvaging their mission.

My Thoughts:I enjoyed this book. It was refreshing because it reminded me of a time before Twilight. Yes people there were vampire books before the Twilight saga. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Twilight series but I loved that this book really can’t be compared to it. When I first started reading this book, I had to adjust to the fact that this was an adult book and not YA. Since this is an adult book nothing had to be held back. There is definitely violence in this book but I thought the author worded all those scenes very well, I call it artistic violence. I thought that the involvement of Nazis in this book was very unique and creative. If I had ever thought of an idea like this I would never have come up with a good enough way to turn it into a novel worth reading or writing. I loved the characters, especially Mors and I’m hoping that the next Millennial novel expand what I know about him as well as Eamon and Brigit’s relationship. After seeing what they’d gone through in their life before they ended up together makes me appreciate their relationship especially because of Brigit. Her feeling of wanting love and being afraid that she’d never find it is a common fear that I could relate to. The only thing I didn’t like (which was mostly my fault) is that not all the story is told in the same time, meaning that the chapters would switch from the past to the present about every other chapter (more or less). I didn’t notice at first so I was very confused for a while in the beginning. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next book in the series. This book gets and A. :)

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