Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ink Exchange Review

My Thoughts: It wasn't until I started looking at other blogs that I discovered that In Exchange wasn't focused solely on the main characters from Wicked Lovely. I was concerned that I would try to rush through the book because I wanted to get back to the love triangle.... or square from Wicked Lovely. After reading this book, I realized that nothing about the 2nd book would have my total focus because Ink Exchange felt like a quick detour to the main story of the series, though the ending will definitely be connected to what happens in Fragile Eternity. I liked it. I thought the love triangle in this book would be similar to the love triangle (or square) in Wicked Lovely but it wasn't, and I appreciated that it wasn't just another version of the same story. Niall really helped me enjoy this book. I just wanted him to be happy. I also liked that the bad characters in this book were only bad from the other kingdoms point of views. Once you see the "bad" guy's perspective (some where still just bad but not all of them) you kind of sympathize with them. Overall I give it a B +. It is a good book to read. I got it from the library and would advise others to get this from the library and then buy it later if you like it enough.

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