Sunday, January 31, 2010

What are you reading on Mondays?

Books read week before last:

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Othello by William Shakespeare

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Books read last week:

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

The Heights by Brian James

Currently reading:

If Angels burn by Lynn Viehl

Possible upcoming reads:

Evernight by Claudia gray
Frostbite by Richelle Mead


  1. Nice to see that you're discovering Shakespeare. I've heard good things about Looking For Alaska. Enjoy your reading this week.

  2. Reading Shakespeare! That's pretty brave, I think that I am scarred from having to read it at high school as a teenager.

    Mine is here

  3. Looking for Alaska has been on my wishlist for quite a while now. Heard so many good thing about it and seriously hoping that I can read one very soon. Very nice list you got there, hope that you'll enjoy the books you're going to read as much as you did in the past weeks.

    Good day!

  4. Yay for Shakespeare! Definitely one of my favorite reads. Happy Reading this week.

  5. I like your list of books.
    How did you like Looking for Alaska? I have that book sitting on our bookshelf.
    Happy Reading!

  6. Two of my all time most favourite plays! Happy reading this week. If you are interested, my Monday:

  7. How are you enjoying Shakespeare? I read Othello when I was a college freshman, too. Interesting study of suspicion and fear of betrayal.

    All these books look good. I really want to read Looking for Alaska and John Green's other novels.

  8. Wow! Shakespeare! I haven't read any in ages.

  9. Love anything by John Green! If you like him try An Abundane of Katherines.

  10. ibeeeg: I liked Looking for Alaska but compared to Paper Towns it was a clear second . Also it was a lot to learn from his book but I din't really like how he left the ending.
    Stephanie aka...: I love Shakespeare, especially since NoFear shakespeare is free online, so I can read the regular text until I don't understand something and then I can switch to modern.

  11. ooo, Shakespeare. It's been forever since I've read those. I just read Evernight yesterday. Hope you enjoy it.


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