Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lament Review
Sixteen-year-old Deirdre Monaghan, a gifted harpist who regularly plays for weddings and other events, has the kind of stage fright that makes her physically ill before a performance, which is an inauspicious way to start a romance; but while vomiting before a competition she meets a gorgeous boy who comes into the restroom to hold her hair. He is Luke Dillon, a flautist who proceeds to accompany her in a truly stellar performance. As four-leaf clovers start appearing everywhere, Deirdre develops telekinetic powers and encounters strange, unworldly people who seem to bear her ill will. Her best friend, James, also a talented musician; her beloved grandmother; and her mother all are in danger, as Deirdre is targeted by the queen of Faerie. Deirdre eventually discovers that she is a cloverhand, a person who can see the denizens of faerie, and Luke, not the only immortal who has her in his sights, is a gallowglass, an assassin assigned by the queen of Faerie to kill Deirdre but who falls in love with her instead. This beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary debut novel, with its authentic depiction of Celtic Faerie lore and dangerous forbidden love in a contemporary American setting, will appeal to readers of Nancy Werlin’s Impossible (2008) and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.

My Thoughts:
When I first decided to finally take Lament from my TBR list and move it to be my Current Read, I'd hope that I could start my review saying something along the lines of -- I couldn't put this book down, or I was mesmerized by Lament. That's not exactly what happened, at least in the beginning. It's true that this was hell week at school filled with 5 pg. papers, exams, and projects as well as me being sick, but the way some of the characters were portrayed in the beginning wasn't what I expected.Don't get me wrong, I still really liked Lament and Ballad is on it's way (hopefully) but some things in the beginning weren't making since to me. I felt like the beginning was moving too fast. I felt like Deirdre's relationship with Luke developed too fast, or at least in the way it was told and that her relationship with her best friend could have been more defined. Also, Deirdre seemed to take the major things too well. When the mysterious Luke walks into her life, she barely even contemplates how odd it is, even too herself. And when she finds out she's a clover-hand, I think she takes it too well. As a matter of fact everybody that finds out that faeries exist seem to act like it's very normal (like oh they're faeries... that's interesting cause I didn't know they existed... do you think they know Tinkerbell.)
I am happy to say that after a few chapters in I could finally say that I didn't want to put the book down. I liked the book more and more as it was coming to an end which is sad because Ballad isn't here yet.I especially liked that the author added a new take on faeries (or at least more dangerous sounding) because I've never heard that much of Celtic Faeries.
Rating: B+


  1. I never thought of it that way, but i did LOVE this book, i read it a well back. I don't remember much now. lol

  2. I liked this book a lot. I liked Ballad too but it's completely different than Lament. :)


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