Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Highlights

2013 was a busy year for me, to say the least.  I decided to leave all my friends and family to pursue my dreams of becoming a screenwriter in California, all before graduating from college. That happened this February. Almost a year later and I'm still nearly 2,500 miles away from home. I mean, you can basically draw a straight line from California to my state, on the other end of the map! This whole terrifying, amazing process of moving started in 2012, happened in 2013, and I don't know what to say about 2014 yet. I guess we'll have to see.

Needless to say, Readingcoma and therefore reading in general had to take a backseat to the rest of my life. I've missed it dearly over these last 1 1/2- 2 years. It's frightening to momentarily (because years are going by really fast now) live a life where reading is nearly excluded. Where writing down my feelings is practically a thing of the past. Which is ironic since my main goal is to become a screenwriter. And of course like most have heard, if you want to write, you need to write, and read. But those were the very things I was being kept from.

Nevertheless, I'm grateful for all the opportunities I gained in the last couple of years. I just hope 2014 won't be another year I neglect Readingcoma, because it feels oddly enough like I'm neglecting myself. I have no real (new years resolution) plans for 2014 other than to try harder regarding the aspects of my life I'm passionate about. Seeing how this blog is one of them, I hope you'll be seeing more of me.

And 2013 wasn't totally void of books. I still read more than what most people my age read in a few years (which is really sad). Out of those books, four stayed heavily on my mind, from their boldness and haunting words, to their tragically poetic stories and real life problems and therefore pure moments of joy. I'm not going to go in depth about them, but I will link my reviews to this post for three of them. I'm shocked to see that I never did a review for Ask the Passengers, which is so good I've decided to read it again so I can do the review justice. Either way, through my real life journeys this year, these were some of the books that kept me company.

The Sky is Everywhere
Jellicoe Road
Eleanor & Park

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