Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Week

Halloween guide
I never really go out of my way to acquire Halloweenish stuff for this week, but I do use my resources (aka – Internet, TV, and review books).
Based on this I have or will be watching and reading these items:
I’ve read this already and it’s a great book to read this month! 

I’m not done with this and it’s more like a mystery, but mystery is a characteristic of scary.

It’s not scary so far, but I know there’s witchcraft and human sacrifices.
 I've had this book since elementary and it still freaks me out a little bit. It has suspense, action, and awesome characters. And I still remember reading this at night and feeling like somebody was watching me!
TV/Movies/Videos in general
The Walking Dead

I watched The Walking Dead marathon in honor of October and in honor of the fact that I hadn’t watched past the first episode when the season 1 episodes first premiered.
Hey Arnold - Haunted Train

This is an episode I watch EVERY October. It used to creep me out so I love watching it and thinking about how scared I used to be. And it still makes me a little leery of taking trains around the 31st.
The (ghetto) Halloween story

This just had me cracking up the whole time. Especially with Alcoholharmony’s (the reader who by the way is an awesome singer) commentary.
Modern Family's Halloween episode
Their episode is just hilarious! So many funny scenes.
Other than that I just pay close attention to my TV listing to watch either scary movies I’ve never seen or ones that I watch every year (or multiple times a year), like:
Scream, Casper  (which I just finished), Hocus Pocus, The Shining, Pet Sematary, Coraline, Matilda (not really scary but it’s coming on tonight), 30 Days of night, The Strangers, Prom Night, The Sixth Sense, Peanuts, etc.

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