Monday, July 11, 2011

The Silver Stag review

Description: She had never seen a forest as green as the Wood. It seemed ironic. The apparent life and vitality flowing from the lush green woods mocking all those entered in the past, never to return again. Chrysillee would not be one of those though. She was on a quest, a mission she would sooner die than leave unfulfilled, a journey she was willing to die for to fulfill, if need be. The sunlight filtering through the trees emitted a glittering, golden-green light. The Wood smelled thick with sweet, succulent magic that lured her forward yet made her sleepy. She stumbled on. The peddler warned of the legendary dangers of the Wood. She must not allow herself to give in... Suddenly, she stopped, listening. She heard it. The music. The sprightly call of the fiddle. She carefully made her way towards it, lured by its enchanting, lively strain. The melody awakened her sleepy spirit and body, spurred her slow steps into a quick walk, then a run, and then- She stopped as she emerged into a clearing where a girl danced on feet light as feathers, fingers weaving and skipping across the fiddle as delicately yet boldly as a spider spins her web. Both feet and hands moved deftly, skillfully, swiftly. Her white-gold hair twirled about her like beams of sunlight as did the full folds of her white-gold dress. Everything shimmered and glowed as she wove in and out of the green-gold beams of light streaming through the trees like the grand pillars of a princess' inner sanctum. Her eyes were closed but suddenly she opened them as if sensing Chrysillee's presence. A striking, sapphire blue. The girl smiled, still dancing, still playing, her feet not missing a beat, her hands not faltering on a single note, her eyes sparkling in a playful yet powerful sort of way. As Chrysillee continued to watch, she knew her quest would indeed not be in vain, for she found the Siren of the Wood, the Sunlit Wind Whisperer. Or maybe she found Chrysillee.

My Thoughts: The Silver Stag’s main story dealt with Chrysillee, her Godmother Gail, and her daughter Rory. But the stories within the main story were just as good. It was like one of those big presents where you open it up but there’s smaller one inside (and a smaller one inside that and so on). I thought I knew the whole story behind a situation until more was revealed.

Although my favorite characters weren’t the most important ones in the book, I enjoyed the back story involving Sascha, Gabriel and Emily in it. And although I initially liked Lucifer, Gabriel won me over. 
This book had vampires and faeries which aren’t new, but the introduction of Wind Whisperer’s was definitely different. I’ve never heard of anything like them but it sounded like a cool thing to be (besides the invisibility part)!

The ending made me partly sad for some characters but happy for others. And although this was a quick read, the author wrote the story in such a way that it felt like I knew all of the characters very well which is why I was sad/happy (because I knew so much history about the characters). This is a seemingly good addition to The Gailean Quartet, although I have yet to finish reading the full series.

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