Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Favorite Book Settings

note: Some of these books have different settings, including ones whose names I don't remember.

I love this world. I would say I love Faerie (an actual setting in the book) but I like wherever the Dark Court lives. Their dark and partly emo, but that's my kind of place.

I have a better chance of being some kind of supernatural creature in this world. :)

Half-Blood Camp: It would be cool if my dad or mom was a god!!
Ok... So I wouldn't actually want to be in the hunger games, but I'd like to see the arena. It sounds horrendously spectacular.

I wouldn't like to live here either, but I wouldn't mind visiting to see what kind of abilities these multi-color eyed people have.

Everybody seems to be smart, strong, and sexy here.

New Orleans: I love mythology, so I'd love to be in a place that had gods and mythical creatures!

Europe:  I love Europe with or without this book, but Instructions for a Broken Heart makes me want to go even more.
Sky: This world sounds gorgeous (just look at the cover!)... I mean the actual setting... And not some of the cruel characters that inhabit it.

Hogwarts: That's all I need to say.

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