Monday, November 1, 2010

The Devouring review

Description: When Reggie finds an old journal and reads about the Vours, supernatural creatures who feast on fear and attack on the eve of the winter solstice, she assumes they are just the musings of some lunatic author. But soon, they become a terrifying reality when she begins to suspect that her timid younger brother might be one of their victims.

Risking her life and her sanity, Reggie enters a living nightmare to save the people she loves. Can she devour her own fears before they devour her?

Bone-chilling, terrifying, thrilling...what are you waiting for?

My Thoughts: I thought this was a cute story to get ready for Halloween with. The first half of the book was the scariest to me because it reminded me of one of those stories that are scary because of the things that aren't seen (in a movie) or told in a book. For example, if a character is scared because they hear a noise, then they're frightened because of the suspense and what that noise COULD mean.

So for the 1st half of the book, I was frightened by what the Vours COULD potentially be, and I loved it. I'd be alone in my house (or just my room) reading, and then I'd hear a weird noise, or see lights from outside and be frightened for a few seconds, wondering where it came from.

The 2nd half of the book wasn't as scary for me. It wasn't bad, and I'm not saying that nothing scary happened, but it wasn't the same. My theory is that as I went on to know more about the Vours and what they could and couldn't do, I was less frightened by them. The unknown is what's scary. Insert [nothing to fear but fear itself quote]. Knowledge takes away a lot of anxiety, which in this case made the 2nd half of the book cute, and laced with positive messages about facing your fears, but not that scary.

Like I said earlier, it didn't make the 2nd part bad, so overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read and it made me excited for the 2nd and 3rd books in the series. I'd like to see where the author can take this story, especially since I've begun to get attached to its characters.

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