Monday, August 9, 2010

Contest Winners

The first 3 winners of the Torment Contest are Kaya, Monica, and Maura!
The reason the other 2 winners haven't been chosen is because I have to choose 3 winners from the UK and 2 winners from anywhere else. Sadly only 1 person from the UK (correctly) entered my contest as far as I can tell. Although I will have to figure out how to solve this problem, there's no need for the other winners to suffer. Congratulations to the three winners!

Also, in the future I will make sure that contest rules are as clear as possible and I will do my best not to have to extend any more contest deadlines.


  1. Congrats to those who've won thus far!

  2. Thanks so much and congrats to the other two winners!!!

  3. Congrats to the 3 winners thus far. I hope I didn't enter incorrectly. But maybe I won! lol.

    *bites nails and hopes*

  4. Yay so happy :)
    Thanks so much for hosting XD

  5. Thanks! Congrats to the other winners!:)

  6. Should I send my details now or later?


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