Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winter's Passage Review

My Thoughts: I thought Winter's Passage was a great way to prepare me for The Iron Daughter. I appreciated that it was there to connect The Iron King with the next book. I never really like when there is a fairly big piece of story left out between two books in a series. If I had just read the first two books, I would have known that the characters were on a journey at the end (1st book), but wouldn't have known what happened on that journey, (except for the too short 2-3 sentence summary)always making me fill like I'd missed a huge piece of the overall story. Plus it gave me more Ash and Grimalkin!

Head here to read this novella for free until July 31.


  1. I agree. I dont like when big chunks are missing between novels if this one was not up for free viewing more likely I would have missed out on it.

    I am eager to read The Iron Daughter.

  2. Thx for coming by my blog and linking to your review. Sorry it took me a moment to see it. I wish I received email notifications of a link but if you leave a comment I see it immediately!

    Have a great day!


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