Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Books I've Read Since I Started Blogging

 This list isn't in any particular order:

1.     Wicked lovely
This is still my favorite series I've read since I started blogging. It's dark and twisted. And I love how intricate the story is between each book.
2.     John Green books
Paper Towns is my favorite book ever! And The Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska made me cry. I just love all things John Green.
3.     The Summer I Turned Pretty series
This feels like a simple story. But as I'm learning in my screenwriting class, have a simple plot and complex characters.
4.     The Ghosts of Ashbury High
This is one of the first books that stood out as different to me. I'm astounded, because I still haven't read anything like it. 
5.     The Hundred Thousands
I don't really read adult books, so I was very unsure about this book. But then I basically inhaled the book, it definitely helped me be open to reading other genres.
6.     Allison Hewitt Is Trapped
People say this book confused them but I LOVE it. So much happens! And whether good or bad things were happening in a particular scene, it was all wrapped in mixture of comedy and action.
7.     Daughter of Smoke and Bone
The writing is sooooo beautiful, and the story is mysterious and entrancing.
8.     Under the Never Sky
This book basically had all the plot devices that I love in this genre. And the writer used them all very well.
9.     The Scorpio Races
THIS is the book I'd been waiting for from Maggie Stiefvater! It was harsh and real. I just couldn't put the book down.
10.  The Song of Achilles
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  1. Your post reminded me that I NEED to read the Wicked Lovely series asap. And I completely agree with you on Daughter of Smoke & Bone! Thanks for sharing :)New GFC Follower.

    Here's my TTT post

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

    1. I hope you do get to read Wicked Lovely! You reminded me that I need to read The Host and the Mistborn: The Final Empire series. I've been wanting to read these books for forever!

  2. Out of all those, I've only read Under the Never Sky, but I completely agree! Is it weird that I was completely tickled by the cannibals? They're one of the highlights for me.

    My TTT: http://shelversanon.blogspot.com/2012/10/top-10-tuesday-rewind-top-ten-bookish.html


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