Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Characters I would switch places with for 24 hours

Heist Society: I feel bad, but I’ve always wanted to pull off a heist like they do in the movies (and this book). Of course I wouldn’t do it in real life, unless I was Katarina Bishop for 24 hours. Plus, when she steals it’s for something important.

Fragile Eternity: I can be a little dark sometimes, so I’d really want to be Niall for 24 hours to see what it’d be like to be ruler of the dark kingdom. I guess I’d be the emo queen.

Hunger: I’d want to be Lisabeth, but after she’s gotten the hang of things as Famine. Because I’d never want to deal with the demons she had to deal with in this book. But I’d love to be famine one night and ride across the earth on my black steed.

Spray: This book was so fun! I’d just like to be any character involved in the game. But I’m very competitive, so I’d compete to win.

Vampire Academy: I just want to be Rose for a day so I can kick some butt.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone: The writing is so beautiful that I’d want to be Karou for a day just to experience the world that the author described.

Divergent: I want to be a Dauntless because I want to do something daring. I think I’d like to be Christina for a day.

Au Revoir Crazy European Chick: I love those books that take place in one day but a million things happen despite the lack of time. I’d want to be Gobi after she stops pretending to be the “mousy teenager” and becomes the fierce assassin.

The Scorpio Races: I’d definitely want to be Sean Kendrick since he knows how to handle the horses. I want to be close enough that I can see the horses. And even ride Corr, who is magnificent.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: I guess I’d only have 24 hours to be Hadley Sullivan.


  1. Haha, Rose seems to be a popular choice! I'd like to have her confidence and - yes! - her punch, too!
    My TTT:

  2. Great picks! I didn't even think of using Christina on my list... I just used Tris!

    Thanks for sharing. :)


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