Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday.... To Me!

It is November 18 and I've finally turned.... 18! Yay! Anyway this isn't just about my birthday because I found out this morning that I will be able to host a contest (thanks to the cool people from Random House) with 3 winners in it, cool right? All three winners will get 'drum roll please' FALLEN by Lauren Kate! Fantastic right? I'm going out tonight so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post the rules of the competition. But just to let you know, you HAVE to be a follower to enter this contest and the contest will end on my Christian birthday (aka the day I got baptized) which is on December 1. So check back in tomorrow so you can enter the Birthday/Fallen contest.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope it's everything you want it to be (and you get everything that you want)! 18! Woo-hooo!


  2. Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Oh, to be 18 again :D


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